Knife, sword, and cutlery-friendly Authorize.Net accounts

If you own a website specializing in knives, swords, cutlery, or other bladed products, you have probably learned that finding a reliable, secure, knife-friendly payment gateway is crucial – and at times – challenging. Traditional payment gateways like Stripe, Square, or PayPal can restrict or even terminate accounts that violate their acceptable use policies. Weapons … Read more

My FFL Cart payment gateways for firearms

At Blue Payment Agency, we offer full-service, affordable gun-friendly payment gateway approvals for online firearms business owners that sell using the My FFL Cart online shopping cart. All of our My FFL Cart FFL dealers receive personalized, responsive, one-on-one support from a dedicated FFL credit card processing expert in addition to access to the payment … Read more

BigCommerce payment gateways for firearms

At Blue Payment Agency, we can provide you with reliable, affordable, firearms-friendly credit card processing to easily sell FFL items using BigCommerce. Can you sell firearms on BigCommerce? Yes! As long as you set up a firearms-friendly merchant account and payment gateway, FFL dealers can use BigCommerce. Are you a federally licensed firearms dealer looking … Read more

Firearms credit card processing that is fast and affordable

It’s true. Most FFLs pay far too much to accept credit cards online, at auction, and in person. Blue Payment Agency offers easy payment processing approvals for firearms dealers and affordable gun merchant accounts that work with shopping carts like WooCommerce, Shopify, and Shift4Shop, along with auction platforms like AmmoReady and GunBroker. Additionally, we offer … Read more

Why a VAR sheet matters for payment processing

If you run a high-risk e-commerce business that uses a merchant account and payment gateway to sell online, you will need to understand the term VAR sheet. Sometimes called a parameter sheet or tear sheet, these “sheets,” or, more commonly, PDFs, are an integral piece of the online payment processing puzzle.

Unlike low-risk websites that can use PayPal or Stripe, business owners that need to process payments for online firearms or other regulated items need traditional high-risk credit card processing – which means a high-risk merchant account. In addition, connecting your merchant account to your payment gateway requires a “VAR sheet” so that your payment gateway software has the correct information in order to process payments correctly.

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