NMI Network Merchants Gateway

A versatile and reliable e-commerce payment gateway

High risk payment gateways made easy

Network Merchants (NMI)

First and foremost, the NMI Network Merchants Gateway is a versatile and reliable e-commerce payment gateway solution. It offers a variety of tools to support all your business merchant needs. NMI’s Payments Enablement Technology gives you more control and a high grade of security for you and your cardholders. Unlike other gateways that only allow one merchant ID per account, NMI allows you to use multiple merchant accounts. Ultimately, this feature allows you to direct the flow of transactions with ease. Use Network Merchants (NMI) to sell both high-risk and low-risk products and services.

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NMI is easy to integrate into your online store considering how powerful the software is. Also, Blue Payment Agency is an official NMI reseller backed with the technical expertise to guide you through the setup process. We can walk you through the process so you can start processing payments and making sales right away. Furthermore, NMI will work with your existing processor or act as a Shopify gateway, First Data gateway, or TSYS gateway. Additionally, integration for NMI WooCommerce, NMI Magento, and Shopify high risk customers is simple and easy. Call or contact our NMI reseller experts to learn how easy it is!

NMI’s core features

  • Virtual Terminal
  • Accepted Currencies
    • Over 125 processor integrations for USD, EU, GBP, AU, and CAD.
  • Payments
    • Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, Diner’s Club, JCB, and Apply Pay.
  • Customer Support
    • Full customer support via phone and email.
  • Recurring Billing
    • Schedule the billing and the gateway handles everything else.
  • Multiple MID’s
    • Manage multiple MID’s and consolidate reporting.
  • Product Manager
    • Manage and unify product SKU’s in the Virtual Terminal.
  • Third-Party Integrations
    • 150+ shopping cart integrations and 125+ processor integrations.
  • Special Integrations
    • NMI Magento Customer, NMI WooCommerce Customer and Shopify high risk integrations.
  • ATRI
    • Load balance your MID’s depending on price points, volume, or the custom criteria of your choice. NMI’s Advanced Transaction Routing Interface (ATRI) is a solid tool for businesses with multiple merchant accounts.

Acceptance methods & Data security

  • Online
    • The perfect solution for accepting credit cards and electronic payments.
  • Retail
    • Use SwIPe™ Point-of-Sale application alongside compatible card readers.
  • Mobile
    • The iProcess application is made for Apple and Android devices.
  • Apple Pay
    • Accept Apple Pay for iOS mobile applications as an additional option.
  • MOTO & direct marketing
    • Payments accepted manually via phone or mail order.
  • Integration flexibility
    • Full customization and control within mobile applications.
  • PCI compliance
    • CertifyPCI™ is one of the best tools offered to protect your data.
  • Fraud prevention
    • NMI’s rules-based iSpyFraud™ stops fraudsters in their tracks.
  • Sensitive data protection
    • Three-Step Redirect API™ ensures secure data transfer.
  • Customer data
    • Lock customer data with NMI’s Customer Vault secure environment