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How We Can Help:

With 23 years of experience, we can help you get a high risk payment gateways for your product or business. We have experience with all of the major merchant providers both in the USA and Internationally. Also, we work with all the major gateway providers and can help you get a high risk payment gateway today. If you need a High Risk NMI (High Risk Network Merchants) or a High Risk Authorize Net gateway, we are happy to help. High Risk E-Processing Network Gateways are now also available through Blue Payment Agency

We are experts in assisting you with gateways for Firearms, Tobacco, Bail Bonds, Jail Phone Cards and Tech Support. Businesses selling Nutraceuticals, Garcinia Cambogia, Raspberry Keytone, weight loss, skin care and other supplements can require additional assistance with gateways. Also, Direct Marketing, Buying Clubs, Travel, MLM or Direct Response are industries we have great experience with. In addition, dating and adult services as well as online beer and liquor businesses depend on solid gateways. Furthermore we have the knowledge and expertise to set up your gateway accordingly.

More About The Gateway:

The NMI gateway is packed with features tailor-made for any high-risk merchant. Each account is equipped with a virtual terminal that utilizes a standard key-in process or swipe credit option. Additionally, checks can also be processed from anywhere that uses an internet connection.

Another extremely useful function is the ability to route multiple MID’s all from one single gateway. Consequently, load balancing can be automated to direct transactions to various merchant accounts. This is a powerful tool to ensure account stability.

Moreover, NMI also offers flexible integration of their gateway and API’s into your software with full customization. Fraud detection and data security are of the utmost importance in preventing chargebacks and NMI has you covered. The application iSpyFraud™ monitors suspicious activity, at the same time, Three-Step Redirect API™ handles transmission data. Finally, tools such as CertifyPCI™ ultimately keep merchants PCI compliant.

What We Do:

In conclusion, the high risk processing business is our specialty. Our vast expertise with payment gateways is an asset for most high risk online businesses. In addition to our knowledge of payment gateways we also provide assistance for Shopify High Risk Merchants. Blue Payment Agency’s personal one on one support and guidance is second to none.

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