WooCommerce credit card processing for firearms

If you’re considering selling your firearms or tactical goods on WooCommerce, you’re already on the right track. WordPress, when set up with WooCommerce offers an open, flexible solution for FFL-to-FFL merchants to sell their products. With Blue Payment Agency, you’ll also ensure that your online FFL credit card processing is safe, reliable, and simple for the long term.

Ready to process credit card payments on your online WooCommerce FFL store? Contact Blue Payment Agency today

When selling guns, ammunition, firearms, and tactical merchandise online, you face tough challenges. Even for experienced sellers of firearms and FFL products, the restrictions and regulations that are in place can make the job complicated. The fact that WooCommerce removes obstacles rather than adding to them is a welcome relief in many respects. This is one of the reasons why WooCommerce is one of the long-time favorites for a wide range of high-risk merchants – including firearms dealers.

At Blue Payment Agency, we help merchants that other providers don’t serve. If you’d like to process credit and debit cards online for your FFL shipments and tactical products, you can contact us here. On the other hand, if you’d like to know more about selling ammunition, revolvers, pistols, lowers, long guns, or tactical items like knives and bear spray using WooCommerce, then please read on below.

Open-source means good news for online gun dealers

One of the bigger selling points for using WooCommerce as your e-commerce software is that both it and WordPress are open-source solutions. This means that you are free to use the software as you see fit (within reason). As long as you’re operating within the law (not selling illegal goods, for example) you’re mostly free to use WooCommerce without having to adhere to additional strict rules or terms of service.

Having said that, we always encourage you to do your own due diligence. You can see WooCommerce’s Terms of Service here.

We would like to point out that while WooCommerce is free to use. Still, you do need to set up your store with a high-risk merchant account and payment gateway to sell your FFL or tactical products.

If you need both an FFL-friendly merchant account and a payment gateway for your WooCommerce firearms store, you can contact us here. If you only need a payment gateway for your WooCommerce FFL site, you can reach us here. We look forward to helping you easily accept payments.

High-risk merchant account and payment gateway for FFL sales

Considering that gun sales remain high in the US, and the online FFL market is continuing to grow, it can be surprising to some that it’s not always easy to find the merchant services you need. Even though FFL-to-FFL sales are common across the States, there aren’t as many merchant service providers as you’d imagine that cater to FFLs..

This is due to the various restrictions and regulations that apply to FFL and tactical product sales on Federal, State, and local levels. As a consequence, there is a perceived higher risk burden on processors associated with handling payments for these product types.

However, if you’ve been rejected by Stripe, PayPal, or other payment aggregators, we can help. Even if you’re just starting out and don’t yet have a credit history for your FFL business, we can help you gain your first high-risk merchant account. At Blue Payment Agency, we make it our business to make your business as simple as possible. We achieve this by making payments the least of your worries. If you’re ready to start accepting payments on your WooCommerce FFL site, contact us here.

Accept payments on your firearms WooCommerce store

At Blue Payment Agency, we’re happy to provide second-amendment-friendly payment gateways and merchant accounts to US FFL-to-FFL merchants. We’ll help you accept payments quickly and affordably on your WooCommerce website.

If you find that you’re reliant on expensive or unreliable payment processing, contact us today. As a firearm or tactical goods merchant, you should always use high-risk-friendly merchant accounts and gateways. It’s the only way to ensure that you avoid as many potential payment problems as possible.

With the right payment gateway and merchant account connected to your WooCommerce site, you’ll be able to accept payments for your firearms, guns, ammunition, knives, and assorted products. If you’d like both a second-amendment-friendly payment gateway and merchant account, please contact us here. We’ll have you up and running in no time. If you already have a merchant account and only need a gateway – please get in touch here. With Blue Payment Agency, accepting payments online is as easy as can be.

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