GunBroker credit card processing for firearms

At Blue Payment Agency, we offer easy credit card processing approvals for online firearms business owners that sell on GunBroker. We also provide a service level that is rare in online FFL payment processing.

Our team of dedicated second-amendment payment experts is available by phone, text, or email should you ever need support – days – weeks- or years after your merchant account and payment gateway are approved.

Our affordable, gun-friendly payment processing works seamlessly with GunBroker’s Standard Auctions and Immediate Checkout Fixed Price Item listings. If you’re ready to start putting your products in front of the vast audience GunBroker provides, contact us here.

If you don’t have either a merchant account or payment gateway, we can help. Or, if you already have a second-amendment-friendly merchant account, we can find you the payment gateway that’s best for you.

If you are confused by the difference between a merchant account and a payment gateway, you are not alone. Get in touch with us today to speak to a real person about gun-friendly payment processing that works for your GunBroker business. You can also learn more about selling your products on GunBroker below.

Accept payments for FFL products in today’s market

The sale of handguns, firearms, and other FFL products remains high in the US. However, running an independent firearms e-commerce site isn’t always going to be a walk in the park. This is where using third-party auction sites like GunBroker can be a real boon to small and big FFL-to-FFL enterprises alike.

As an FFL-to-FFL e-commerce merchant, you’re obviously familiar with the various challenges you face in your daily life running your business. Getting a firearms-friendly payment processor is often a real struggle for many firearm merchants. It might be due to a lack of available information, relying on payment processors that don’t specialize in high-risk processing, but the result is the same.

Many still find it hard to accept payments safely and reliably for guns, ammunition, firearms, and other tactical products. The good news is that accepting payments, getting a payment gateway, and receiving credit card processing approvals for GunBroker can be simple for “high-risk” FFL merchants.

Are you ready to sell your firearms on GunBroker? Contact us for the merchant account and/or payment gateway you need to accept payments safely and easily.

GunBroker is the modern online firearms auction house

For many FFL dealers, has become synonymous with online firearms auctions. When you’re selling firearms, guns, ammunition, and similar products, you’re selling what’s known in the processing world as “high-risk” products. This does bring with it some restrictions that you need to consider. However, it can also limit how you market and spread awareness about your products.

If you’re new to the industry and just launched your FFL store using Shopify, WooCommerce, Shift4Shop, or other popular e-commerce platforms or shopping carts, you might find it tough to get traction. This is where it can be very helpful to make use of the already existing marketplace that sites like GunBroker provide.

GunBroker is the modern-day auction house, with a dedicated audience that specifically seeks the product types you’re selling. However, a word of caution, even though GunBroker is specifically set up to facilitate the sale of firearms online in the US, you still need to set up your account correctly to process payments. More on this below.

Setting up payment processing on GunBroker can be easy… when done right

As we’ve mentioned, GunBroker is for firearms enthusiasts and can be a great platform for you to sell your products. However, just because the platform you’re using is set up for firearms sales doesn’t mean we can avoid the reality that all FFL-to-FFL merchants need to use high-risk-friendly payment processing to accept payments easily.

Once you’ve set up your GunBroker account, you need to integrate second amendment-friendly payment processing. This is a crucial step that you should always ensure is done correctly.

At Blue Payment Agency, we want to make it as easy as possible for you to accept payments for your firearms and munitions sales. If you’re ready to start accepting payments for your FFL products on GunBroker, contact us here. We’ll happily set you up with the firearms payment gateway and merchant account that fits your unique needs.

Does GunBroker integrate with NMI?

Yes, GunBroker integrates with NMI. FFLs must ensure that the front-end merchant account is firearms-friendly. We provide comprehensive payment processing packages for GunBroker. To get started, simply click the Start button at the bottom of this page.

Is GunBroker compatible with Authorize.Net?

Absolutely! GunBroker seamlessly integrates with Authorize.Net. FFLs should make sure that their front-end merchant account is firearms-friendly as well.

We provide comprehensive Authorize.Net payment gateways tailored specifically for GunBroker. To apply or learn more, just click the Start button located at the bottom of this page.

Using NMI or Authorize.Net for FFL sales on GunBroker

As our focus is on making your life easier, we’ll simply tell you who we’ll most likely pair you with for GunBroker FFL e-commerce: NMI or Authorize.Net.

At Blue Payment Agency, we’re official NMI and Authorize.Net resellers.

After years of experience pairing high-risk businesses with NMI, we’re comfortable saying we’re very likely going to recommend that you use NMI for your FFL business.

However, we can’t possibly give a blanket recommendation as to whether NMI is right for you without knowing the specifics of your business. For example, we may find that Authorize.Net is a better option for you, and we offer both.

You can read more about the difference between Authorize.Net and NMI here.

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Start accepting payments for firearms on GunBroker

If you’d like to simplify your life while making sure everything is done correctly, contact us today. At Blue Payment Agency, we have the experience necessary to recommend the right FFL payment gateway for your GunBroker business. We have a wide network of merchant account providers so that we can find the ideal account for you. As a result, you’ll be able to safely and reliably accept online payments with ease.

In fact, we’ll even help you integrate gun-friendly credit card processing with GunBroker for you – making sure all the moving parts run smoothly – and in unison. Contact us today for a simpler, easier way to accept payments for your firearms products.