BigCommerce payment gateways for firearms

At Blue Payment Agency, we can provide you with reliable, affordable, firearms-friendly credit card processing to easily sell FFL items using BigCommerce.

Can you sell firearms on BigCommerce?

Yes! As long as you set up a firearms-friendly merchant account and payment gateway, FFL dealers can use BigCommerce.

Are you a federally licensed firearms dealer looking for a payment gateway that works seamlessly and easily with your existing BigCommerce website? Contact us today using the short and simple contact form at the bottom of this page to request detailed rates – in writing.

Why it’s hard to accept credit cards online for firearms

When selling firearms and guns online, you’re often faced with more challenges than most other businesses do. For one, you often come across the misconception that a BigCommerce firearms transaction is the same as a standard Amazon purchase.

Many processors mistakenly think that your buyer goes to your FFL website, orders, and receives a gun in the mail to their home.

Anyone with experience selling firearms online knows this is far from the truth.

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With any online gun purchase, the firearm must be shipped to another federally licensed firearms (FFL) dealer, who in turn must perform a federal background check (NICS) on the buyer before transferring the firearm face-to-face. The ATF heavily regulates online firearm sales, and FFL dealers tend to be professional, responsible, and very organized.

In the credit card processing world, this part of the transaction is often overlooked or not understood.

As a result, most payment processors and merchant service providers are either unwilling or simply unable to provide you with their services.  However, it is possible to accept payments for second amendment products on BigCommerce. What’s better, it can be simple, clear, and affordable.

Setting up a firearms payment gateway for BigCommerce can be easy

At Blue Payment Agency, we specialize in offering affordable, easy-approval firearms payment gateways. In addition, we make use of our extensive network of relationships with 2A-friendly credit card processors and firearm-compatible payment gateway providers to ensure you always get the best fit for your unique BigCommerce business.

We provide low-cost, stable, second-amendment-friendly payment processing. As a result, you won’t have to worry about the frozen deposits and no-notice shutdowns that other gun dealers experience when using ill-fit solutions, like Stripe, PayPal, or Square.

Contact us here or at the bottom of this page for a free, detailed rate overview – in writing.

Does BigCommerce integrate Authorize.Net?

Yes, Authorize.Net integrates with BigCommerce. FFLs must ensure that the front-end merchant account is firearms-friendly. We provide comprehensive payment processing packages for BigCommerce. Simply click the Start button at the bottom of this page to get started.

Does BigCommerce integrate with NMI?

Yes, BigCommerce integrates with NMI. But, again, all FFLs must ensure that the front-end merchant account is also firearms-friendly. We offer complete payment processing packages for BigCommerce. To begin, simply click the Start button at the bottom of this page.

You can use BigCommerce for your online FFL sales

If you’ve already started setting up your BigCommerce store, you’ve probably already noticed that accepting payments for your product type is a bit confusing. However, that’s just because the vast majority of BigCommerce’s payment gateways aren’t set up to handle what’s called “high-risk” transactions.

However, you don’t have to start all over on a new platform or e-commerce solution. We’ll be able to help you implement safe, reliable, and affordable credit card processing on your existing BigCommerce site. Simply get in touch with us using the form at the bottom of this page or call us at 844-253-9769.

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How to accept payments for firearms on BigCommerce

The main problem for licensed federal firearm dealers when trying to accept payments online for their guns and accessories is that they try setting up payment gateways that are not second amendment friendly.

Also, retail FFLs expanding into e-commerce often aren’t overly familiar with how you set up a high-risk merchant account. The intricacies of credit card processing are not why you started your online FFL business in the first place. Not to mention that the rules and systems can be challenging- without the right guidance.

At Blue Payment Agency, we make sure the nitty-gritty side of FFL credit card processing is fully taken care of for you. We’re official resellers of the NMI payment gateway – which can be an excellent solution for your business. It’s also a great fit with BigCommerce.

Alternatively, we can pair you with an Authorize.Net payment gateway. Both Authorize.Net and NMI can be gun-friendly and set up to handle the online FFL transactions you need. Contact us using the form at the bottom of this page. We’ll help you decide which payment gateway is best for your BigCommerce firearms website.

Process payments online on your BigCommerce FFL site

Are you ready to start accepting credit card payments on your BigCommerce FFL website? Then why wait? At Blue Payment Agency, you can always reach us at 844-253-9769 or use our contact form below.

Just doing some research? No problem, simply request a detailed rate overview, and we’ll get you everything you need to make a decision.

We’ll happily set you up with the affordable, stable payment gateway you need for your FFL to FFL BigCommerce website. So contact us today, and we’ll get started right away.