Shopify Payment Gateways For Firearms

Blue Payment Agency offers fast, easy Shopify payment gateway approvals for licensed firearms dealers and affordable gun merchant accounts that work seamlessly and affordably with the standard Shopify cart.

Can you sell firearms on Shopify?

Yes! FFL dealers can use Shopify to sell guns online! As long as you set up firearms-friendly payment processing and do not violate Shopify’s terms and conditions, you can sell guns on Shopify.

Beyond working with a qualified attorney prior to engaging in any tactical e-commerce, there are 2 things you need to keep in mind regarding Shopify, though.

1. Make sure you do not violate Shopify’s restrictions on certain firearms and accessories

We have linked the Shopify policy below, but in a nutshell – if you are a federally licensed dealer, you can sell most traditional semi-automatic pistols, long guns, and revolvers on Shopify.

You cannot sell items like bump stocks, un-serialized firearms, or large magazines on Shopify – regardless of how you accept credit cards.

Shopify’s firearms restrictions:

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2. You can’t use Shopify Payments; you need to set up FFL-friendly payment processing that integrates with Shopify

That’s where Blue Payment Agency comes in. We offer stable, affordable FFL payment gateways that work perfectly with Shopify e-commerce websites.

Why are Shopify firearms payment gateways hard to find?Shopify FFL to FFL credit card processing - Blue Payment Agency - Quote Image

Shopify FFLs hoping to apply for a second-amendment-friendly credit card payment gateway on popular website builders – like Shopify – quickly find out that PayPal, Stripe, and Shopify Payments do not allow credit card processing for guns.

Blue Payment Agency knows that all legal internet gun purchases are first shipped to another federally licensed firearms dealer, who must then perform a NICS check on the buyer before transferring the firearm face-to-face. Unfortunately, many Shopify firearms dealers still deal with the misconception that guns are simply shipped to the buyer.

Does Shopify integrate with Authorize.Net?

Absolutely! Shopify seamlessly integrates with the Authorize.Net payment gateway, providing a reliable and secure transaction process. For firearms dealers, it’s crucial to have a gun-friendly merchant account in place to ensure smooth operations on the front end.

To get started or if you have any questions, simply click the button below. Our dedicated support team is here to assist you every step of the way.

Gun-friendly credit card processing for Shopify FFL dealers

We know that FFLs are the backbone of the second amendment. Our Shopify firearms payment gateways are affordable, stable, and work flawlessly with Shopify.

Let us help you with Shopify firearms credit card processing today.