Firearms credit card processing that is fast and affordable

It’s true. Most FFLs pay far too much to accept credit cards online, at auction, and in person. Blue Payment Agency offers easy payment processing approvals for firearms dealers and affordable gun merchant accounts that work with shopping carts like WooCommerce, Shopify, and Shift4Shop, along with auction platforms like AmmoReady and GunBroker. Additionally, we offer … Read more

NMI payment gateway for WooCommerce

Are you trying to sell high-risk products on WooCommerce? Have you experienced some payment processing trouble? Then you might be looking for a high-risk NMI payment gateway account. At Blue Payment Agency, we make accepting credit card payments using WooCommerce easy. We’re dedicated to helping high-risk business owners succeed by providing high-risk credit card processing … Read more

Shopify Payment Gateways For Firearms

Blue Payment Agency offers fast, easy Shopify payment gateway approvals for licensed firearms dealers and affordable gun merchant accounts that work seamlessly and affordably with the standard Shopify cart. Wait, gun dealers can use Shopify? Yes!!!! FFL dealers can use Shopify to sell guns online! There are 2 things you need to keep in mind, though. … Read more