QuickBooks Desktop integration for firearms 

Are you looking to use QuickBooks Desktop for your online firearms or tactical gear sales? Then you might have come across some trouble with their standard procedure payment processing system. The good news? If you use QuickBooks Desktop Pro, Pro Plus, Premier Plus, or Enterprise, we can integrate firearms payment processing for you.

Our gun-friendly credit card and recommended plug-in works with QuickBooks Desktop Pro and above. Our system allows you to use to accept payments for firearms, guns, as well as tactical gear, and knives. In addition, your QuickBooks system will automatically update and show when payments are made, saving you the hassle of data entry when transactions are processed within QuickBooks.

If you’re ready to start accepting payments for firearms and tactical gear on QuickBooks Desktop Pro, Pro Plus, Premier Plus, or Enterprise, contact us today. At Blue Payment Agency, we’re here to help!

Restrictions make FFL-to-FFL sales high-risk

At Blue Payment Agency, we specialize in helping businesses that operate with a higher level of risk than other providers are able to work with. When you’re selling firearms as an FFL or knives and various tactical gear, you’re selling high-risk products.

In the processing industry, high-risk means that your products are more tightly regulated than more standard products. A consequence of this is that there is some higher compliance and due diligence risk associated with the FFL and tactical business.

Most standard merchant accounts and payment gateways are either incompatible or are simply unwilling to offer firearms and tactical product merchants their services. This applies to the standard QuickBooks Desktop payment processing system. However, you can still use QuickBooks Desktop if you integrate it with the right plug-in, payment gateway, and merchant accounts.

Contact Blue Payment Agency here or learn more about the QuickBooks Desktop integration you need for firearms and tactical product sales below.

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Accepting payments for firearms or tactical gear can be simple

Even though firearm sales in the US continue to rise, legal, online gun sellers still generally face some challenges when looking for a way to accept credit cards. There are general misconceptions about how online firearm sales actually work.

Even though payment processors should know very well that online firearms dealers must adhere to strict regulations, online FFLs can only ship inventory to local, federally licensed firearms dealers who then must run a federal background check on the buyer before hand-off. Unfortunately, most standard processors don’t seem to take it into account. Instead, many payment processors simply reject FFL-to-FFL merchants.

At Blue Payment Agency, we can help you with low price, stable second-amendment-friendly payment processing. We have extensive relationships with gun credit card processors and FFL-friendly payment gateway providers. We’re more than happy to help you accept payments for your FFL products using QuickBooks Desktop.

We need to stress that you should always consult an attorney before launching any FFL or tactical gear business, as local, state, and federal laws do apply, and it can become quite intricate. It’s always better to be safe than sorry.

Using QuickBooks Desktop for FFL e-commerce

QuickBooks Desktop has long been a household name, particularly for its ease of use for small-to-medium-sized businesses and solo entrepreneurs. It makes it easy for you to track revenue and expenses, maximize your tax deductions, run various reports, do invoicing, send estimates, and – of course – accept payments. It’s natural to want to use QuickBooks, but it’s a little more complicated for firearms sellers and tactical store owners than it is for most.

At Blue Payment Agency, we’re happy to support the second-amendment industry, and we’ll pair you with the 2A-friendly-merchant services you need to accept payments. Contact us today to start accepting credit cards for your FFL-to-FFL sales.

Fraud protection for firearms and tactical gear

When running an online FFL or tactical gear store, there are plenty of moving parts to keep an eye on. The laws and regulations are one thing. Getting yourself up and running to accept payments is another. However, we would be amiss if we didn’t bring up fraud protection as well.

We offer plenty of easy-to-implement, low (or no extra-) cost methods that will reduce the likelihood that you become a victim of online fraud or foreign hackers. For example, we can provide you with:

  • Automatic online chargeback mitigation and prevention
  • Safe storage of billing data for repeat customers
  • Address and card code verification
  • Automatic suspicious activity flagging
  • IP and shipping address matching
  • Billing address and shipping matching

Simply let us know if you don’t have a fraud protection system in place when you contact us, and we’ve got you covered.

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Accept payments for firearms and tactical products using QuickBooks Desktop

At Blue Payment Agency, we’re more than a simple payment service provider. Offering payment gateway accounts and processing set-ups is the core of our business. However, our goal is to make it easier as a whole for you to accept payments for your business.

Simply contact us today, and we’ll help you accept credit card payments for your firearms and FFL products using QuickBooks Desktop Pro, Pro Plus, Premier Plus, or Enterprise.

If you’re ready to accept payments or if you have any questions, you can always contact us here or give us a call at 844-253-9769. We’re always happy to help.