VAR Sheets and Your E-Commerce Gateway

Why VAR Sheets & Parameter Sheets are Essential for Your E-Commerce Business

E-commerce businesses operating online with a merchant account need to have a VAR sheet, or multiple VAR sheets, that allow for communication between a gateway and the merchant account provider. In other words, if you have a merchant account that’s being used with a gateway or third-party software, then you’ll need a VAR sheet.

So, what is a VAR sheet and why is it important for your e-commerce business? At Blue Payment Agency, our goal is to help streamline the online sales process for your e-commerce business. Our experts can help you comprehensively integrate your VAR sheet with a payment gateway, ensuring quality and reliable communication between your payment gateway and your merchant account.

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What is a VAR Sheet?

VAR is an acronym for “Value Added Reseller,” and a VAR sheet is a document containing essential business information, including:

• Merchant Identification Number (MID)
• Bank account information
• Business details
• Processor information
• Industry code

VAR sheets are also known as tear sheets and parameter sheets, and virtually every e-commerce business using a third-party or gateway payment processing software needs to have a VAR sheet so that the gateway can communicate properly with the merchant account.

It’s important to remember that the various merchant accounts may have different requirements for the VAR or merchant account parameter sheet. Therefore, when getting the information ready on your VAR sheet, it can be helpful to consult with an expert who fully knows e-commerce businesses, payment gateways, and how you can most effectively create dynamic communication between your merchant account and your gateway or third-party software.

Do You Need a VAR Sheet?

Virtually every sales or retail business needs to have a “file” that includes all of the critical merchant account information. This is especially true if that business accepts credit cards via a credit card processor. Retail businesses, for example, with a retail merchant account, can upload the merchant account file onto its physical terminal, while online merchants must give the VAR sheet to their gateway or software provider.

VAR Sheets for Multiple Websites

In today’s digital economy, some entrepreneurs focus all of their efforts on one business, while others put up and manage multiple e-commerce stores. Of course, as you expand into the multiple website categories, you’ll also be burdened with an absolute necessity for business organization and tidiness. In other words, you may find yourself with multiple VAR sheets for different websites and several (or one) merchant accounts and gateways. Ideally, and even though you may need different VAR sheets for your various companies, you can optimize your efficiency and organization by managing all of your merchant accounts in a single gateway.

How Blue Payment Agency is Your Source for VAR Sheets

Whether setting up your first e-commerce website, changing merchant account providers, or organizing multiple VAR sheets under one gateway, Blue Payment Agency is your comprehensive solution for the most demanding issues. Whether you call them VAR sheets, tear sheets, or parameter sheets, our experts will work with you to set up gateway right away and let you manage all of your accounts in one gateway.

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