Wix payment gateways for FFLs

Blue Payment Agency offers quick and affordable Wix payment gateway approvals for licensed firearms dealers across the US.

With fast and easy FFL merchant accounts that seamlessly integrate with a 3rd party Wix compatible shopping cart, you’ll be ready to accept payments in a flash.

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Can you sell firearms on Wix?

Yes. FFL dealers can use Wix as their website builder and sell a wide range of firearms and FFL products online. There are a few extra steps in terms of accepting credit cards, though.

Here are a few things you need to know before you start selling firearms on Wix:

1. Make sure you’re not breaking Wix’s Terms of Use

As with using any site builder, payment gateway, e-commerce platform, shopping cart, and general software, you need to make sure you adhere to their Terms of Use. If not, you could quickly find yourself without a platform for your business, closed accounts, or frozen funds – all depending on the situation.

We strongly recommend checking Wix’s Terms of Use here for your own due diligence. However, in our experience, Wix does not prohibit the use of its platform/website builder for the legal sale of firearms. What should be said, is that you need to use niche payment processing to sell FFL products on Wix.

2. Use a third-party payment gateway for your FFL products

Another element you need to keep in mind is that Wix Payments (Wix’s automatic payment system) is not compatible with high-risk e-commerce. It’s specifically set up to fit the majority of merchants that seek to use their systems. The unfortunate consequence of this, at least from a high-risk business point of view, is that Wix Payments is not a good fit for high-risk payment processing. Wix Payments is powered by Stripe, so Stripe is not a good fit either, nor is PayPal.

The good news is that Wix allows for third-party shopping carts, payment gateways and processing systems to be integrated with their site builder. As a result, we can set you up with a high-risk-friendly payment gateway.

3. Use a different shopping cart for your Wix FFL products

The Wix shopping cart does not integrate directly with any FFL-friendly payment processors. This means that in order to use Wix, you need also to use a 3rd party shopping cart – not the standard Wix cart. This does add some cost and some complexity, but it can be done. Contact us using the short form at the bottom of this page to learn more.

Why it’s difficult to find Second Amendment-friendly payment processing for Wix

Wix FFL payment gateways - Blue Payment Agency - Quote ImageMany legal firearms dealers find themselves faced with more challenges, less understanding, and less appreciation than many other online businesses do.

Even if you use a massive e-commerce software solution, like Wix, you may face unexpected challenges.

One of the primary issues is that the go-to solutions aren’t set up to, or don’t actually, work for high-risk businesses, such as the FFL to FFL industry. Additionally, the Wix cart itself does not allow direct FFL-friendly credit card processing solutions.

This can blindside gun dealers if they’re unaware of the fact that payment processing and merchant service providers treat so-called high-risk businesses differently.

However, with the right information, you’re in a far stronger position to find the payment solutions you need. For example, knowing that you’re in a high-risk industry when selling firearms online, you’ll soon know that services like PayPal, Stripe, Square, and Wix Payments, are not set up to serve your business type.

This is where Blue Payment Agency comes in. We’re here to make your FFL payment processing as simple as possible. With us, you can accept credit and debit card payments with ease. We’ll help you set up a payment gateway and merchant account that gives you an affordable and simple way to process FFL credit card payments.

Does Wix integrate with Authorize.Net?

Yes, you can add Authorize.Net to Wix. But, not directly. You must utilize 3rd party tools and also ensure that all your providers – including the front-end merchant account piece – are firearms friendly. Click Start at the bottom of this page to begin or to ask any questions.

Does Wix integrate with NMI?

Yes, you can integrate an NMI payment gateway to Wix. But, you have to utilize a 3rd service and make certain that all your gateways, carts, and merchant accounts allow FFL dealers. You can click Start at the bottom of this page to begin or to ask any questions.

Gun-friendly credit card processing for Wix businesses

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At Blue Payment Agency, we specialize in setting up the best high-risk merchant account and payment gateway for your 2A product line.

We’re official resellers of NMI and often find ourselves recommending them as the go-to payment gateway. Having said that, we might well find ourselves recommending the Authorize.Net payment gateway. It all depends on the particulars of your unique business.

If you’re curious about how best to process credit card payments for your Wix FFL business, contact us. Contact us using the form below or simply give us a call at 844-253-9769.