NMI could be the payment gateway you’ve been looking for

If you’re selling products that are in a high-risk category, you offer recurring billing, or you sell very different products with different risk levels, you’ve no doubt come across challenges while finding ways to accept credit card payments online. At Blue Payment Agency, we’ve helped hundreds of e-commerce site owners like you process credit and debit card payments online.

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As a trusted NMI reseller, we can help set you up with NMI – and we’re convinced that NMI might be the payment gateway for you and your online business.

If you already have an existing merchant account and just need an NMI account set up, we can help with the rest. Or you can contact us here if you need both a merchant account and an NMI gateway. If you’d like some more information about NMI before you decide, please continue reading below. We’ll discuss some of NMI’s main features as well as how it can greatly benefit you and your e-commerce business. Before we dig into the features, let’s discuss whether NMI might be a good fit for your business type by going through some examples.


Businesses that stand to benefit the most from NMI

Some businesses are high-risk due to regulations and laws that apply to their industry niche. As such, they need specialized payment processors and added flexibility to handle their online payments. This includes businesses like nutritional supplements, CBD, and internet affiliate marketing.

Main features of the NMI payment gateway

NMI comes with a host of extremely useful features that can help any e-commerce site sell their products successfully over time. While it comes with a wide range of features, we’ll cover the ones that we think you’ll benefit the most from. See our NMI page for a more expansive list of NMI features.

PCI compliant recurring billing

Recurring billing is a great way to grow your business and ensure excellent cash flow. The challenge with recurring billing is that personal information, payment data, and other sensitive information needs PCI compliant storage and management.

With NMI, you can set up recurring billing for your online business. Their data security is top of the line and follows all PCI requirements. It’s very intuitive and allows for easy access in order to edit customer profiles, update payment details, or change subscription type.

Multiple MID’s with ATRI

With NMI’s Advanced Transaction Routing Interface (ATRI) you can easily manage and load your MID’s balance based on a variety of criteria. You can load balance your different merchant accounts with custom criteria, volume, and price points, among other factors – as long as you do not violate any card association rules in the process.

The ATRI is one of the biggest draws of NMI is that it allows you to manage multiple merchant accounts through one simple payment gateway login. It’s a fantastic feature that dramatically simplifies everything from reporting to management. This is especially useful if you sell a range of products that have very different statistics and risk levels.

Excellent customer support

Their customer service is another added benefit, and it can help you learn and manage the ATRI feature. NMI offers full support via both email and phone, giving you any help and guidance you might need. Additionally, at no additional cost, we provide an added layer of personalized support to all our NMI clients.

Contact us to set up NMI

NMI is one of the very best high-risk friendly payment gateways out there. If you need help setting up your NMI account, you’ve come to the right place. As an official NMI reseller, we have the knowledge and expertise needed to set you up correctly. We look forward to helping you take full advantage of the many features NMI has to offer.

Are you ready to accept all major credit cards on your e-commerce site? Are you looking for a payment gateway that integrates with CartHook, WooCommerce, or Click Funnels? Then we can start helping you use NMI, with no setup fees, today!

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