NMI payment gateways for Chase merchant accounts

Chase merchant services, formerly Chase Paymentech, is a very popular e-commerce merchant account provider that supports businesses of all shapes and sizes. JP Morgan Chase is a “blue chip” stock, and longtime merchant account provider; not surprisingly many of the site owners we’ve heard from are happy with them. However, while their service allows for many ways to accept payments, we often get requests from businesses who want to integrate it into the NMI payment gateway.

Why can’t website owners get their gateway from Chase?

Apparently, Chase Paymentech is not an authorized NMI reseller. Therefore, any website owner that needs a Network Merchants/NMI payment gateway needs to sign up with a trusted NMI reseller like Blue Payment Agency.

At Blue Payment Agency, we’ve helped hundreds of Chase Paymentech merchant account owners get set up with NMI. NMI allows them to manage and use multiple merchant accounts as well as utilize landing page and sales funnel builders such as Click Funnels.

If you’d like to know more, read on below. If you want help integrating your Chase merchant account with NMI today, you can sign up here. 

Why would a Chase merchant need an NMI account?

There are many reasons why a Chase merchant might need an NMI account. As we’ve already mentioned, JP Morgan Chase is an excellent choice, and if you have a Chase merchant account, it’s likely to serve you well. However, if you use certain site builders for your website, you probably would benefit greatly from using NMI. In other words, you’ll need to find a way to use Chase and NMI together for your e-commerce site. We also want to mention that NMI’s services are equally useful for those who sell both high-risk and low-risk products and services, regardless of their merchant account provider.

Multiple merchant accounts, Chase, and NMI

One of the most common reasons why Chase Paymentech merchant account owners want to integrate NMI is that they sell products of different types or with different risk levels that each need separate accounts. If some products are more prone to specific issues, like chargebacks, then it’s a good idea to have multiple merchant accounts.

More than one merchant account, managed through a single gateway log-in, allows you to balance sales volume between your different accounts. Using NMI as your payment gateway is a great way to avoid running low-risk products through more expensive high-risk accounts and helps prevent volume cap issues.

Don’t break the chargeback rules – the risk is too high

One thing you cannot do is use multiple merchant accounts to avoid chargeback rules. Trying to avoid following chargeback rules could cause you huge problems, including fines or regulatory scrutiny.

When done right, NMI is the best multi-merchant account solution

If you have, or will have, more than one Chase merchant account then NMI is the payment gateway you ought to use. Among its other benefits, NMI will give you one site and log-in to manage your various accounts and product sales, making it easier to enjoy the peace of mind that comes with having multiple merchant accounts.

Chase accounts with NMI on Click Funnels

If you’ve already set up a Chase merchant account and want to use Click Funnels, it can be a bit tricky to integrate it with NMI. With Click Funnels, you’ll be able to generate sales through specific funnels, while with Chase you’ll be backed by a trusted and established merchant account provider. By combining these two services with NMI, you’ll have a powerful payment system in place. When you get in touch with us, we ’ll give you expert insight into how all the pieces fit together. We can help you with fast set-up and one-on-one support while we make sure your payment gateway works precisely the way you need it.

Why is it tough to integrate NMI with Chase Paymentech?

One challenge that comes with combining your Chase merchant account with NMI is ensuring that the communication between your merchant account(s) and high-risk payment gateway goes smoothly.

JP Morgan Chase is a huge company, which makes it a little challenging to obtain the Chase Paymentech Value Added Resellers (VARs) sheets needed to “build” an NMI payment gateway. At Blue Payment Agency, we have a great deal of experience with this particular hurdle.  Over time, we’ve developed some useful strategies that allow us to obtain these quickly and efficiently. In other words, we’ll be able to streamline the gateway process for you.

Get expert assistance integrating your Chase account with NMI

Integrating an NMI payment gateway with a Chase merchant account(s) can be very technical. After we help merchants obtain a VAR, we then need to enter various VAR(s) fields and test the gateway for full functionality. While it’s a bit complex to get it all set up and working efficiently, you don’t have to go it alone. Many merchants trying to overcome these issues have sought our expert advice, and we are happy to help.

Businesses across industry niches use Blue Payment Agency when they wish to keep their Chase account but need the NMI payment gateway. We will use our experience to help you throughout the process and set it all up for you. You’ll get expert advice at reasonable rates, ensuring that you not only experience a fast set-up but also get one-on-one support while we help you work with Chase to get the VAR info we need.

Feel free to contact us now, and we can start helping you today.

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