Grow Your Business With Multiple Merchant Accounts and ClickFunnels

One of the first things you need to do when starting a ClickFunnels business is deciding on a merchant account. Merchant accounts are essential to succeeding in any endeavor, but they are especially vital in the growing world of e-commerce. Without a merchant account, you can’t process credit card payments. If you are still trying to establish a merchant account, or if you are in need of merchant services for a high risk business, there are plenty of options.

Many e-commerce entrepreneurs have discovered that ClickFunnels is a great way to create a well-designed website. Complete with eye-popping landing pages, a shopping cart, and even an email auto-responder, it is powerful technology, to be sure. However, ClickFunnels can get a little confusing when it comes to adding multiple merchant accounts. That is where our services come in. With years of experience helping both high risk and conventional businesses with NMI payment gateway setups, we are sure to be able to help you run your venture more smoothly and profitably.

Why are we talking about multiple merchant accounts, anyway? There are many good reasons why an e-commerce business using ClickFunnels should not just have one merchant account, but two or more:

Increase Your Payment Processing Volume

While you’re getting your business up and running, the monthly limit that your merchant account is allowed to process is likely going to be limited. Even if you have been in business for a while there still may be limits. There is a multitude of reasons why a bank would place restrictions on your merchant account. A poor credit history, lack of liquidity, and limited processing history are all reasons why a bank may not allow the number of transactions that you’re otherwise able to process on the business side of things. Going beyond the limits of your merchant account is a pretty bad idea—the bank may place a hold on your account or even terminate your agreement.

If you have more than one merchant account, you can increase the number of transactions that you can potentially handle without having to worry about alarming the bank. That second (or third) merchant account gives you some breathing room and increases your business’ profit potential.

Minimize Risks Through Diversification

Everyone has heard the old adage that you shouldn’t place all of your eggs in one basket. This is also true of merchant accounts. Having multiple merchant accounts allows you to hedge your bets. Banks run on technology, and technology sometimes fails.  To that end, having more than one merchant account will keep your ClickFunnels making money. Even when one bank’s systems are experiencing the dreaded “downtime.”  Having multiple merchant accounts is cheap insurance against a bank error or an unfair hold shutting down your e-commerce enterprise.

Silo Your High Risk Products

You might already be familiar with the challenges of getting a merchant account if you sell multiple types of products or services through your ClickFunnels. If you use ClickFunnels and sell products consider “high risk,” you most definitely know. What you might not know is that there are ways to silo your products with ClickFunnels. You can do this by having one dedicated merchant account for your high risk product lines. This separates your standard merchant account and products from the high risk ones and protects your other streams of revenue.

Increase Your Credit Card Processing Options

Every merchant bank is different. Some may only accept payments from Visa or MasterCard in dollars and euros. E-commerce gives you the opportunity to take your business global—why handcuff yourself to just two continents? Not only that, but if you want to be able to accept other cards, you may be out of luck. What if you want to be ready to receive payments in Canadian or Australian dollars? Maintaining at least one additional merchant account that will work for international customers can only help your growing business.

Get Help With Your Merchant Accounts

Having multiple merchant accounts has obvious benefits for your business. Getting them to all work with your ClickFunnels, however, requires a little guidance.  There are companies that specialize in high risk merchant accounts and ClickFunnels, like our sister company Gateway Funnel Pros. At Gateway Funnel Pros, they offer the personalized service that you need to integrate your multiple merchant accounts with your ClickFunnels. Gateway Funnel Pros provides help for high risk businesses, as well as one-click upsell setups that will make your profits soar, and one-on-one customer support to keep you earning. Always feel free to contact us should you need help setting up multiple merchant accounts through NMI, or give us a call at 1-844-253-9769.