Why You Should Use an Encrypted Keypad With Your Virtual Terminal

With the introduction of virtual terminals, credit card processing has never been so easy. As long as you have an internet connection and a device like a computer or a phone, you can make a sale and accept payments. However, with every convenience comes a vulnerability.

If a virtual terminal, or any other payment software, is not protected by added security with point-to-point encryption, like an encrypted keypad, then you are unintentionally compromising your client’s payment information. Have questions? Contact us today. 

Virtual Terminals and Online Payment Software Will Help Merchants

Until recently, the biggest problem faced by merchants was making a sale when they were not near their physical location. These days, with virtual terminals and online payment software programs, you can easily make sales and accept credit cards away from your physical store, or if you don’t have a brick and mortar location at all. You can also exponentially increase your potential customer base online without having to be present everywhere at all times. With a virtual terminal, accepting payments via mail and phone is pretty straightforward. You can even get hosting for a webpage for online sales by your payment processor.  A virtual terminal allows you to process cards used for payments offline in a more traditional business setting. This means there is no need to write down customers’ payment information and process it later, as it’s inefficient and prone to security risks.

How Do You Protect Keyed-in Transactions?

It’s tempting to think that entering payment information into an online portal is secure when your website is up to date with all SSL standards. Unfortunately, there might be certain risks you’re unaware of. There’s a lot of potential malware/spyware present online that can compromise your clients’ payment information. There’s also the risk that your server might be compromised due to vulnerabilities you may not be aware of.

To give yourself extra security and peace of mind, we highly recommend that you invest in an encrypted keypad. An encrypted keypad uses point-to-point encryption, which means that all data is encrypted from the point of interaction (when you swipe a card or key in its number) to the point of destination. This means that the data is indecipherable to anyone who might try to steal it during the transaction process. In other words, an encrypted keypad limits your exposure to potential data breaches from start to finish.

What Does An Encrypted Keypad Do?

With an encrypted keypad you can:

  • Swipe/key in credit and debit cards securely
  • Store credit and debit cards to the Customer Vault for security and convenience
  • Lower your PCI scope to help reduce data breach threats

Why Encryption is Important

Encryption is a valuable security tool that allows you to protect sensitive data that you don’t want anyone else to have access to. With encryption, you can take payments securely over the phone, through an online web page or even by swiping a card through your keypad.

Use a secure and encrypted keypad so that you are protecting your business and data. It also reflects your care and consideration for your clients and their valuable information.

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