Virtual Terminals

NMI offers one of the most robust and fully customizable Virtual Terminals in the gateway industry. Moreover, many of the features are unique to NMI:

Gateway Options with Virtual Terminals

Multiple User Accounts – NMI is one of only Virtual Terminals that provide multiple user accounts within the system. From the main administrator account sub-accounts can be created for other users, each with separate permissions. As a result, sub-users can be setup to only be able to access data from their own account.

Load Balancing – Transactions from one Gateway can be routed to multiple processors using NMI’s intelligent routing system. This has full customization and allows transactions to be routed based on different variables such as volume percentage, product price or even shopping cart item. For example, one processor approved a limit of $45,000 but you may have $60,000 of volume; you can now route the additional $15,000 to a second processor. The ability to load balance through your virtual terminal can be a great benefit in the success of your business.


Customize your virtual terminal to suit your business needs with tools that you can turn on and off easily. Address Verification Service (AVS) detects suspicious card activity and turning on CVV helps match a three digit code to the issued card number. Furthermore, there are numerous custom tools at your fingertips. Other additional features like QuickBooks™ or iSpyFraud™ can also be added to your NMI account.

Recurring Billing

Manage recurring billing plans within NMI to charge customers automatically via their credit card or directly from a checking account. Transactions for single or multiple card holders are easy to set up and integrate into your e-commerce web site.


Easily sort your reports by a specific sale or by transaction type. All the details are tabulated using a calendar-based system so you can refine your search and reporting.