Top 3 Best Payment Gateway Options You Didn’t Know Existed

Your payment gateway is one of the keys to your e-commerce business’ success. Although many merchants who use gateways are not entirely sure what they do, we can assure you that your e-commerce business cannot survive without one. Payment gateways are essentially online versions of the point-of-sale terminals at brick and mortar shops. They authorize card payments, process refunds, and void electronic transactions. Since gateways are often a mystery to their users, many merchants don’t realize that they could be missing out on three payment gateway options that can not only protect their merchant account, but increase their business volume and profitability as well.

As one of the e-commerce business’ premier providers of payment gateway services, Blue Payment Agency is uniquely qualified to help entrepreneurs—especially high risk merchants—unlock their business’ potential through well-designed payment gateways. Looking to change your existing payment gateway, or need a new one? Here are the top three best payment gateway options that you should consider for your site.

Advanced Transaction Routing Interface (ATRI)

If you have multiple Merchant Identification Numbers (MIDs), NMI’s ATRI can be a powerful tool to help you protect your merchant accounts. An ATRI allows you to load balance your MIDs based on customizable criteria. Using a single payment gateway, an ATRI will enable you to choose which merchant account is used for different purchase types. ATRI is an extraordinarily powerful feature for e-commerce businesses. Especially for those that sell high-ticket items, or whose inventory includes some products that are classified as high risk. Once you’ve set up your ATRI parameters, your payment gateway will automatically route payments according to your specifications. Adding an ATRI to your payment gateway is a fantastic way to avoid unexpected bank holds or accidentally exceeding the volume cap on your merchant account.

Gateway Emulator

One of the challenges of payment gateways that merchants can run into is accommodating potential growth. After all, your current gateway may not support all of the payment options that you want to offer. Additionally, if you work with other merchants or resellers, you may find integration to be a real hassle.

A gateway emulator may be the simple solution to your integration woes. Gateway emulators use your existing API but change the post URL. This makes it possible for your gateway to emulate practically any platform. There is no need to manage multiple payment gateways continually. It’s also not necessary to learn an entirely new payment system.

Shopping Cart Integration

Your payment gateway might be even more capable than you realize. Blue Payment Agency is a trusted reseller for the NMI Network Merchants Gateway. NMI is the most versatile and reliable payment gateway system available today. With it, you have access to over 150 shopping cart integrations! This gives your business the options it needs to grow and prosper. If you are a high risk merchant, this is the payment gateway for you! NMI has a full line of high risk merchant gateway options that allow the use of multiple MIDs. Additionally, you can control transaction flows with ease and integrate with practically any shopping cart.

Explore Your Payment Gateway Options

No matter the size of your business, from large and established firms to small e-commerce startups, we have the tools and experience to help you realize your profit potential. Blue Payment Agency’s partnerships with trusted gateway providers like NMI will ensure that you will get not just a payment gateway, but a gateway with available options that will work for you. Contact Blue Payment Agency online, or give us a call at 844-253-9769.