How to automatically update expired credit card numbers

Expired credit card numbers and reissued credit cards on file can seriously harm recurring revenue, multi-pay profitability, and even “after the fact” one-click upsells.

If you use WooCommerce, ClickFunnels, BigCommerce, Ewid, or any one of the hundreds of shopping carts and platforms that the NMI payment gateway integrates with, the solution is cheap, easy, and reliable:

Automatic Account Updater.

Automatic expiration date and card number updates

This fully automatic service ensures that you have updated expiration dates and card numbers in your payment gateway’s cardholder data storage for return visitors, payment plans, and recurring billing subscriptions.

Best of all, it is approved by the credit card companies, works with almost any merchant account, is inexpensive, and takes no extra work on your part!

How do automatic credit card and expiration date updates work?

All new and existing clients that use the NMI payment gateway can benefit from this amazing feature. Everything happens completely behind the scenes – NMI regularly checks with the card networks and when a card number is changed or a card expires, the new information will automatically be updated within your payment gateway.

The cost is extremely low, and the ROI is spectacular. You will no longer lose subscriptions or multi-pays due to expired or changed credit cards.

What does it cost?

The low cost of updating the expiration dates and credit card numbers is so cost-effective it will probably be the best return on investment you have ever had. Here are the costs:

$10 per month

$0.25 for each update – yes, for only 25 cents you can save yourself the time, money, and lost revenue associated with each expired credit card and updated credit card number.

How do I sign up for automatic card number and expiration date updates?

If you are an existing NMI client of ours, simply let us know you would like to add Automatic Account Updater, if you use a different payment gateway or are looking to set up your first account, simply contact us using the short form below and we will send you a quick, easy setup form you can complete online.

Contact us today, every moment you wait may be costing you money!