Shift4Shop credit card processing for firearms

Are you having a tough time accepting credit card payments on Shift4Shop? Or are you planning to launch your gun website using Shoft4Shop? At Blue Payment Agency, we can help you accept payments for firearms, guns, assorted FFL products, or general tactical gear.

* NOTE: Although existing users are grandfathered, Shift4Shop is no longer allowing NEW users to add 3rd party FFL-friendly payment processing.

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Ready to accept payments for your firearms products using Shift4Shop? Contact Blue Payment Agency today.

At BPA, we help businesses that operate with a higher risk than most payment processors can provide services to. We’re happy to support the second-amendment industry and look forward to making it easier for you to accept payments online. Over the years, we’ve helped plenty of high-risk businesses owners accept credit cards for a wide range of shopping carts and e-commerce platforms. If you need help accepting payments for your tactical products or firearms, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re always happy to help.

If you’d like to know more about accepting credit and debit cards using Shift4Shop, we’ll cover some basic information below. On the other hand, if you’d like to know specifics about how your business can accept payments on Shift4Shop, contact us here.

Firearms-friendly payment processing can be simple

If you’ve been in the FFL-to-FFL game, even for just a short while, you no doubt have come across some obstacles in accepting payments both online and in person. Even though firearms sales remain strong in the US, there’s still some hesitancy by most payment processors to offer legal firearm stores their services.

Unfortunately, gun dealers seem to suffer from some misconceptions. Even though processors should know better, it seems like a lazy assumption that online firearm sales work similarly to Amazon shopping. Processors think that when you buy the weapon it appears on your porch the next day.

They don’t seem to appreciate or at least take into consideration, the rigorous security steps and regulations that online gun dealers observe. Ultimately, the consequences are that there are far fewer payment processors out there that are able or willing to provide you the merchant services you need to accept payments.

However, at Blue Payment Agency, we’re more than happy to serve the second-amendment industry. If you need a payment gateway, or a merchant account, or both, in order to accept credit cards on your Shift4Shop firearms store, don’t hesitate to give us a call at 844-253-9769 or you can contact us here.

Use Shift4Shop for your FFL e-commerce store

Shift4Shop, or 3dCart, as many might know it, is a favorite among many high-risk business owners. Shift4Shop is available for all legal businesses, regardless of size, and has a low-cost threshold – and by low-cost threshold, we mean to say that even an enterprise-grade plan comes at no cost.

However, as with practically all e-commerce platforms, you need to pay attention when setting up your store when you sell high-risk products. This is because Shift4Shop isn’t compatible with high-risk e-commerce out of the gate. You need to use a gun-friendly payment processor to ensure your transactions are processed and deposited into your bank account.

If you need help getting a high-risk merchant account or payment gateway, or maybe you need both, for your Shift4Shop FFL site – contact us today. At Blue Payment Agency, we have years of experience helping FFL dealers just like you. You can reach us at 844-253-9769 or contact us here.

Fraud protection for firearms and tactical gear

As an FFL-to-FFL store owner, you know the intricacies and challenges of e-commerce. While we don’t need to remind you that fraudulent transactions happen, and even friendly fraud can occur, we would do you a disservice if we didn’t recommend having a fraud protection system or plan in place for your business.

As a high-risk business, there are plenty of challenges already that you probably face on a regular basis. Having to deal with excessive chargebacks or not being prepared against fraud shouldn’t be among them. Just like having high-risk payment processing set up for your business, having a fraud protection system in place is good business sense.

We can offer you a robust fraud protection system, should you need it, which includes:

  • Automatic online chargeback mitigation and prevention
  • Safe storage of billing data for repeat customers
  • Address and card code verification
  • Automatic suspicious activity flagging
  • IP and shipping address matching
  • Billing address and shipping matching
  • Simply contact us below be a step ahead of fraudsters and foreign hackers.

Accept payments on your firearms Shift4Shop store

Accepting payments for firearms, guns, ammunition, tactical gear, and other 2A-related products can be simple. All you need is to ensure you have the right tools for the job. It’s our job at Blue Payment Agency to make your life easier. We’ll take care of all your payment processing needs so that you can accept payments for your FFL product sales in peace.

Contact us today at 844-253-9769 or by using our contact form below so that you can start accepting payments safely, reliably, and efficiently.