NMI payment gateway for First Data (Fiserv) merchant accounts

Fiserv, or First Data as most know them, is one of the largest providers of credit card processing and merchant services in the United States, supporting businesses of all shapes and sizes. Although First Data was acquired in July 2019 (for $22 billion, no less) by Fiserv, it’s expected to take years before the brand transitions fully to Fiserv. Since this does present some potential for confusion, we’ll simply refer to the company’s merchant service provider as First Data for simplicity’s sake.

However, while First Data offers a range of point-of-sale (PoS) equipment and e-commerce and mobile app solutions for accepting payments, we’re frequently asked if and how it can be integrated into the NMI payment gateway.

Why can’t website owners get their gateway from First Data?

Even though First Data offers a couple of payment gateways, First Data Gateway and Payeezy Gateway, there are several reasons why business owners specifically look for ways to make use of the NMI payment gateway. Unfortunately, it’s easy to feel like you’re turning up a blind alley at this point. While First Data does integrate and work well with a range of shopping carts and gateways, finding compatible third-party software is not the easiest task for many.

This is why e-commerce owners who need to use the NMI payment gateway for their First Data merchant account will benefit greatly from signing up through a trusted NMI reseller, like us at Blue Payment Agency.

At Blue Payment Agency, we’ve helped countless merchant account owners, across a wide range of providers, get set up with NMI. Most often, the business owner is looking for ways to manage and use multiple merchant accounts from a single login platform. NMI also enables them to easily utilize landing page and sales funnel builders, like ClickFunnels.

Are you looking to integrate your First Data merchant account with NMI? Then look no further, you can sign up here! If you’d still like to know more, please read on below.

Why First Data merchants need an NMI account

There are many reasons why a First Data merchant would benefit from an NMI account. You and your business can rely on the fact that First Data is one of the largest processing companies out there, as we’ve touched upon earlier.

However, when you’re looking to use specific site builders, shopping carts and e-commerce platforms, NMI could be the gateway that opens new doors for your business.

In other words, the only real question to answer is how you can start using First Data and NMI together in an effective way. It’s also worth mentioning that NMI, while being one of the best gateways for high-risk e-commerce, also works well for low-risk product and service sales (regardless of who your merchant account provider is).

Use multiple First Data merchant accounts with NMI

The biggest reason most First Data merchant account owners look to use NMI is because they sell a variety of product types across the risk level spectrum. Each requires separate merchant accounts in order to be sold safely and effectively. For example, some products might be more prone to experiencing higher chargeback ratios than others. Regardless, using multiple merchant accounts is the more reliable way to go. However, the difficulty here lies in the fact that you invariably end up with multiple payment gateway accounts in addition to merchant accounts. That is – unless you use NMI.

NMI’s patented multi-merchant account system makes it exceedingly simple to manage more than one merchant account through a single gateway log-in. This allows you to balance sales volumes between your different accounts while managing your overall processing with ease. Using NMI as your payment gateway is a great way to avoid running low-risk products through more expensive high-risk accounts, and helps prevent volume cap issues.

It becomes clear why so many online business owners actively look for a way to make use of NMI’s unique multiple merchant account feature. It makes day-to-day activities so much easier. You can easily manage your various First Data merchant accounts by using NMI.

Expert assistance integrating your First Data account with NMI

Aligning and integrating First Data merchant accounts in the back end of the NMI payment gateway can quickly become both intricate and very technical. Even after obtaining your VAR, you’ll need to enter various VAR(s) fields correctly, and thoroughly test the gateway for full functionality. Even if it can be tedious, it doesn’t need to be complicated. Many merchants trying to overcome these issues seek our expert advice.

At Blue Payment Agency, we’re happy to help you keep your First Data merchant accounts while using the NMI payment gateway – regardless of your business’ industry niche. You’ll get the full benefit of our years of experience, and we’ll help you throughout the process and set it all up for you. You’ll get expert advice, a fast set-up, and one-on-one support while we help you work with First Data to get the VAR sheet info your gateway needs.

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