Accepting MOTO card payments

We’ve helped countless high-risk merchants set up payment gateways with NMI. However, at Blue Payment Agency, we do more than that. We also offer various high-risk e-commerce tips on our blog. While we still are likely to recommend NMI as the payment gateway for your business, we’d like to take a moment to talk about MOTO card payments and whether they can benefit your business. MOTO stands for Mail-Order/Telephone-Order and is a common payment practice even in the internet age.

If you’re unfamiliar with MOTO, don’t worry. We’ll cover some basics, and discuss some of the pros and cons of accepting MOTO card payments for your business.

A Quick Explanation of MOTO

While both online processing and MOTO are transaction types that fall under Card Not Present (CPN) transactions, they’re still different in certain respects.

MOTO stands for Mail-Order/Telephone-Order. As the name suggests, it’s a transaction type that takes place when you process credit card payments through the mail or over the phone. The big distinction from online credit card processing is that you, the merchant, are the one who enters the credit card details provided by the customer into your payment system.

Image highlighting how Blue Payment Agency can help high-risk business accept MOTO card payments.Is MOTO outdated?

These days, most high-risk business owners decide to go with online credit card processing that allows them to accept credit card payments on their website. After all, e-commerce is experiencing continuous year-on-year growth and has been for the last 15 to 20 years. We stand firm in our assessment that NMI is the payment gateway for you as a high-risk business. They offer a fantastic combination of flexibility and reliability. However, this emphasis on website credit card processing begs the question – are MOTO payments outdated? Or, if we rephrase it, is it valuable to you to start accepting MOTO card payments today?

This answer is, of course, twofold. After all, we’re talking about two different means of processing credit cards: via the mail or over the phone.

It’s safe to say that accepting payments over the phone is still very common here in the US. People are familiar with the concept and go through the process on a relatively frequent basis (take-out/delivery orders). On the other hand, mail order is starting to become less common by the year.

Having said that, offering more alternatives for accepting payments can be very useful. Not being able to accommodate a new client or customer because you can’t meet their payment processing preferences will only make you lose out on more business.

Offer many payment methods with NMI

Convenience is something that customers have come to expect from businesses, whether they’re brick-and-mortar or online. This means that it’s very easy to lose business if you’re not catering to the various payment needs of your customers. The good news, however, is that with NMI you can accept online payments with ease. Additionally, you’ll be able to accept payments manually via phone or mail order. In other words, with NMI you can accept MOTO and e-commerce credit card payments with confidence.

NMI provides the stability and security you want from a payment gateway, with PCI compliance, customer support, custom integration with plenty of platforms, etc. However, one of the biggest draws is that you can manage multiple merchant accounts through one terminal. Another great aspect is the wealth of alternatives you can offer through NMI, which include:

  • Online: You can easily start accepting credit cards and electronic payments through your website.
  • Retail: You can use SwIPe™ Point-of-Sale application alongside compatible card readers.
  • Mobile: You can accept payments through Apple and Android devices with the iProcess™ application.
  • MOTO & Direct Marketing: Payments accepted manually via phone or mail order.

As you can see, there is plenty of freedom of choice when it comes to NMI – including offering MOTO payment processing.

Want to start accepting MOTO card payments?

We’re very proud to be high-risk specialists that are also official NMI resellers. NMI offers many flexible, useful solutions to the many high-risk e-commerce business owners we assist. If you’re looking to start accepting MOTO card payments, get in touch with us for help setting up NMI today. We have the technical expertise to guide you through the setup process with ease.

You can contact us by giving us a call at 844-253-9769 or reach out here. We look forward to helping your business successfully process MOTO payments.