Firearms credit card processing for Make Ready Arms

Blue Payment Agency offers easy approvals for online firearms dealers and affordable gun merchant accounts that work perfectly with Make Ready Arms FFL-friendly e-commerce services. 

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Why are honest, gun-friendly credit card processors hard to find?

Online firearms dealers must deal with the misconception that guns are simply shipped to the buyer – like an Amazon purchase. Anyone familiar with internet gun credit card processing realizes that internet gun purchases must be shipped to a federally licensed firearms dealer, who must then perform a federal background check on the buyer before transferring the firearm face-to-face. Online gun dealers are heavily regulated by the ATF and are known for their cautiousness and attention to detail.

Payment processors for the most part, though, do not care about this detail.

Gun-friendly credit card processing for Make Ready Arms FFL dealers

Finding an affordable, easy-approval gun merchant account does not have to be difficult. Blue Payment Agency has extensive relationships with gun credit card processors and FFL-friendly high-risk payment gateway providers.

We provide Make Ready Arms firearms dealers with low prices and stable second-amendment-friendly payment processing – without the frozen deposits and no-notice shutdowns that gun dealers experience with Stripe, PayPal, and Square.

Fraud protection for online firearms dealers

Fraud and chargebacks can be a challenge for gun dealers who need to accept online payments. You don’t need to be a tech guru to protect your online gun store from fraud. We offer numerous easy-to-implement, low or no-cost methods that will reduce the chances that your firearms merchant account is attacked by online fraudsters and foreign hackers, by offering the following:

  • Automatic online chargeback mitigation and prevention
  • Safe storage of billing data for repeat customers
  • Address and card code verification
  • Automatic suspicious activity flagging
  • IP and shipping address matching
  • Billing address and shipping matching

Let us help you with your Make Ready Arms online firearms credit card processing today.