The acquisition and integration of reliable payment gateways and e-commerce tools for high-risk merchants have long been the cornerstone of Blue Payment Agency’s business model. Also, customer satisfaction is one of our top priorities. One on one guidance and support to our clients is an integral part of managing a stable and practical connection between merchants and processors.

The setup of a payment gateway is only the beginning for our merchants. The maintenance and security of the merchant account are of the utmost importance as we have a vested interest in the stability of the relationship. Measures need to be undertaken to protect merchants from credit card fraud and costly chargebacks.

One-on-one support

Blue Payment Agency now offers merchants one-on-one consultative support for fraud prevention and chargeback prevention. We have years of experience with the implementation of robust strategies and services to protect your merchant account from the unexpected. Our guidance team is available to consult, educate and make recommendations on how to manage merchant accounts and payment gateways efficiently.

Fraud protection

In fraud prevention, Blue Payment Agency highly recommends NMI’s iSpyFraud tool. This is a fully customizable service to combat potential credit card fraud with real-time notifications, and all running from within the gateway itself.

Chargeback prevention

In addition, chargeback mitigation and prevention is essential to cultivating and conserving a healthy merchant account. Blue Payment Agency provides personal one on one consulting reviews alongside the implementation of mitigation utilities such as EthocaA powerful and preemptive notification system, Ethoca assists merchants in preventing Chargebacks from damaging the relationship with any payment processor. Our one-on-one support is there to guide and train business owners in the use of these protective utilities and to be a part of your team.

Ultimately, our goal is to help maintain healthy, long-lasting merchant account relationships for you by keeping chargebacks at a minimum and fraudsters at bay.