The world of cyber security is constantly changing and with these changes, fraudsters try different methods to circumvent them. With the increase in online shopping habits, in addition to the surge in mobile transactions, it makes sense to protect your business from the potential fraud that may result.

iSpyFraud is a tool within an NMI gateway that helps detect and protect you before fraud can happen. Merchants have the ability to customize what and how transactions are handled through their merchant account and within a real-time environment.

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How does iSpyFraud work?

iSpyFraud will allow you to set an array of rule-based parameters to either ban or hold for review, potential fraudulent credit card transactions.

For example, you can set rules for the following:
1. Restrict and monitor transactions from out of the country, including specific countries.
2. Restrict and monitor transactions by IP address.
3. Set transaction pricing for low and high tickets to prevent card-spinning and card-testing.
4. Set transaction thresholds so certain cards can only be used once per day, week, or month.
5. Real-time monitoring so merchants can make custom rulings on specific cardholders
6. Global and individual settings for multiple MID’s.
7. Restrict and monitor transaction from certain credit card brands.
8. Set recurring billing to disallow pre-paid credit cards.
9. Batching capabilities for white and blacklists.

Which businesses can benefit from using iSpyFraud?

Arguably, with the steady increase in shopping volume around the globe, it would be prudent for all businesses to protect against potential fraudsters. iSpyFraud works in conjunction with both e-commerce and retail accounts and offer a high level of protection for all businesses that process credit card payments.

Some businesses that do experience more fraudulent activity such as high-risk merchants, vendors with high volumes of sales, and international/global sellers would benefit the most from implementing iSpyFraud. Additionally, non-profit organizations are also a popular target for card-spinning and card testing schemes so it would be advisable to incorporate an anti-fraud measure to protect their donation platform.

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