Tech Support

The NMI Payment Gateway is a perfect fit for the Tech Support industry. A fully robust gateway with extensive features within the virtual terminal is the only way to go. Blue Payment Agency can provide you with an NMI gateway with the following tools:

Virtual Terminal

Multiple User Accounts – We know that businesses with technical support services have a great number of employees, each responsible for individual customer accounts. It can be challenging to keep employee transaction data compartmentalized. NMI’s Virtual Terminal has the capability to create multiple user accounts, each with separate permissions and governed from the main admin account. Including who can see which transaction.

Load Balancing – The Advanced Transaction Routing Interface (ATRI) is a powerful feature allows a tech support business to direct credit card transactions into different merchant accounts. It is customizable to manage sales by product type, price point and even volume percentage. The ability to load balance your credit card transactions gives you control over credit card processing.

API – Both the Gateway are easy to integrate and provide customization to safely accept credit card payments online.

Other features and tools are available using the NMI Payment Gateway. Please contact us for a full list of options.